Student Life

This entrepreneur major utilizes paint brushes, vibrant colors and an unrestrained imagination to transform the human body into astounding works of art.

If you are a new Kent State University student, you can still apply for a variety of scholarships for fall 2018.

New Freshman Scholarships

Kent State is still awarding these three scholarships for new freshmen: Oscar Ritchie Memorial Scholarship, Trustee Scholarship and the University Award for Out-of-State Students.

Kent State University Libraries will provide a solution to end-of-semester stress by giving students, faculty and staff the opportunity to unwind and get some pet therapy during finals week. 

As the sun made a rare, warm April appearance, a crowd gathered in the shade outside Kent State University’s Rockwell Hall to remember Taylor Pifer. One-by-one, Ms. Pifer’s friends stepped up to the microphone remembering how their kind and outgoing friend would say hi to complete strangers; how she could never hold a grudge; how she loved fashion and Dunkin Donuts.

Kent State biology student rescues excess food for educational feast

Imagine planning a dinner party for 500 of your closest friends and not knowing what you will serve until almost the last minute. It might sound stressful, but for Erin Shattuck it is a privilege. Ms. Shattuck is passionate about using every last morsel of food to prevent waste. She is even more passionate about telling and teaching others to do the same.   

Kendra Snatchko is about to graduate from Kent State University, and her eyes are focused on a bright future. Remarkably, her vision of the future started forming when she was only 12 years old. 

Born without legs, Zion Clark, Kent State University at Tuscarawas Golden Eagles wrestling phenomenon, overcomes obstacles and gladly accepts challenges both on and off the mat every day with a contagious smile.

Kent State University at Tuscarawas student and councilman-at-large Eric Harmon, 19, is currently the youngest elected official in the state of Ohio.

A good education and a solid résumé aren’t always enough to make a positive first impression.

A Kent State University student makes blankets to bring comfort to children going through difficult times.