Brainstorming is the process of getting ideas from your head onto paper.  There are many different ways to brainstorm, and there is no correct way to brainstorm.  Below is a list of different ways to brainstorm.  Review the list and see if you find something that aids you in your writing process.

Not everyone brainstorms in formal ways, but you may find brainstorming can help you get started with your papers, move you along when stuck, or allow you to clarify your ideas when forming your logic.  Some brainstorming activities are better for each of these than others.

If you prefer to brainstorm verbally, try:

Talking to a Friend

Many people like to bounce ideas off of other people to gain understanding and ideas.  Sit and talk to someone about what direction you're thinking about going in.

Record Yourself

This allows you to get all of your ideas out so you don't forget anything.  Record your ideas on a recording device, or using a microphone on your computer.

If you prefer to brainstorm visually, try:

Visual Freewriting

Draw a picture about your topic and develop ideas based on the picture.