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What is ALEKS Math Assessment?

ALEKS is a powerful artificial intelligence (AI)-based assessment software product the zeros in on the student's mathematical strengths and weaknesses, reports its findings, and then if necessary provides a learning module to improve the student's knowledge and skill. ALEKS will ask between 25 and 35 questions, none of which are multiple choice. Before beginning the assessment, students will complete an online tutorial so they know how to enter answers in ALEKS. The tutorial and placement may take up to 90 minutes to complete.

If students take the test remotely, they are expected to take the ALEKS placement assessment without assistance from another person or resource. Results from ALEKS will lead to placement in a mathematics course. If students complete the assessment using assistance, there is a strong chance that they will perform poorly in their mathematics course and have to pay tuition fees to retake it.

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How Do I Take ALEKS Remotely?

Follow the steps below to complete the math placement assessment:

Step 1: Log into FlashLine

To log into FlashLine for the first time, login here. Your FlashLine User Name and Kent State ID Number are listed on your acceptance letter.

The format for your initial 10-character password is: mmmyyxxxxx (all lower case).

  1. mmm = the first three letters of your birth month (ex. April = apr)
  2. yy = the last two digits of your birth year
  3. xxxxx = the last five digits of your Kent State ID Number

Name: Joseph R. Student
User Name: jstudent
Date of Birth: June 30, 1990
Kent State ID Number: 810116812
Initial Password: jun9016812

After logging in, you will be prompted to change your password. Your new password must be comprised of at least eight characters, using a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers. Note that your FlashLine password is case sensitive. 
Remember your new password!

Step 2: Take Math Placement Assessment

  • Once logged into FlashLine, select "Student Tools & Courses" from the main menu.
  • To the right, you will see a Placement Assessment block.

ALEKS image 1

  • You are required to take the ALEKS Math Placement only.
  • Your computer needs to have Java enabled.
  • View "System Requirements" for computer-related questions.
  • Contact ALEKS Support (below) if you have problems accessing the math placement.
  • The math placement assessment should take 60-90 minutes to complete.
  • Your placement results will be discussed with you at First Step.


The use of ALEKS requires installation of the ALEKS plug-in. The plug-in should install on your computer automatically the first time you access the ALEKS site. If you have trouble installing the plug-in, visit

ALEKS Technical Support FAQs:
Phone: 714-619-7090
Contact: ALEKS Customer Support
Optional Foreign Language Placement

If you are planning to major in a foreign language, or think you might take a foreign language class during your first semester, you are welcome to take the foreign language placement now. Your placement will be discussed with you at your Inside Track advising appointment. This is not required but will be helpful should you need to take a foreign language course during your first semester.

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How Do I Choose My ALEKS Module?

ALEKS will automatically route you to the appropriate Learning Module based on your placement score. 

  • Students will be placed into the mathematics course indicated by their performance on the ALEKS placement assessment. You may improve your placement score by completing a six week ALEKS learning module, then registering for a reassessment on your campus. This is the only way to change your placement to a different mathematics course.
  • Completing the six week learning module is highly recommended for ALL students because this will increase the likelihood of success in their mathematics course.

To complete the learning module, please visit the ALEKS and Placement Assessments section, found by selecting Student / Resources from the main menu in Flashline.

ALEKS Single Assessment Score Placement:
0% - 9% MATH 00020
10% - 24% MATH 00021
25% - 34% MATH 00022
35% - 44% MATH 00023; 10041; 11008
45% - 54% MATH 00024; 11009; 14001
55% - 66% MATH 11010
67% - 77% MATH 11022; 11012; 12001; 12011
78% - 100% MATH 12002; 12021

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How Do I Improve My ALEKS Scores?

Here is the recommended way to improve your ALEKS score.

Students will be placed into the mathematics course indicated by their performance on the ALEKS placement assessment.

Students who need a higher placement score will need to enroll in a six week learning module, then complete a reassessment. This is the only way to change placement into a different mathematics course. Click here to determine the appropriate learning module.

Completing the six week learning module is highly recommended for ALL students because doing so will increase the likelihood of success in their mathematics course.

All reassessments need to be taken on a Kent State campus.

The first placement assessment, a six week learning module, and one reassessment are available to all incoming students free of charge.

If you'd like to learn more about ALEKS and/or sign up for an optional free trial, visit

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How Do I Take the ALEKS Reassessment?

Where to take your reassessment.

Your reassessment needs to be taken on one of our campuses. Once you have worked through the six week learning module, make an appointment for a reassessment at any Kent State University Campus.

How to change your registration after a reassessment.

If your new score requires a different starting course, you will need to contact your advisor to adjust your schedule.

Contact your assigned advisor through the Student Services Office at 440-964-4217 or through email.

To find and email your assigned advisor follow the steps below:

  • Log into FlashLine
  • Select the Student Tools and Courses tab
  • Find your Assigned Advisor in the Academic Profile column
  • Click the envelop icon to email your Assigned Advisor

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