Ashtabula Campus Giving Tuesday Initiative Launches

KSU Foundation Challenge Boosting Efforts

Donate to #KSUGives Ashtabula Giving Tuesday

The #KSUGives Giving Tuesday initiative across the Kent State University system is underway throughout the month of November.  This is your opportunity to contribute to the future success of students and the Kent State Ashtabula campus by giving to the Ashtabula Campus Transformation Fund.  

As part of a wide-ranging master plan, Kent State Ashtabula is transforming the entire campus, including additional updates to its most aged and highly-utilized building: Main Hall.

A series of renovations and revitalizations, driven by Kent State’s Students First philosophy, are resulting in a comprehensive 21st century campus - modernizing classrooms and laboratories, improving safety and accessibility, and creating student-centric spaces where collaboration, and research can take place.  Most recently the campus began a million-dollar renovation of the Main Hall Auditorium.  The #KSUGives Giving Tuesday effort takes aim at the area adjacent to this new multi-purpose space, the Main Hall B Wing corridor.

"The renovation of the “blue hall” will be a significant undertaking," said Dean and Chief Administrative Officer Susan J. Stocker, Ph.D. "The ugly blue wallpaper will be removed, the tile floor will be replaced, new energy efficient windows will be installed along with new ceiling tile and lighting. The project will also include sprinkler installation. We plan to complete this project during the summer of 2019.  And once finished, it will make that east corridor more welcoming- especially given the major renovation to the auditorium."  

Your gift will help the campus mission to:

  • Build a state-of-the-art learning environment that will support enrollment, learning and success
  • Create student-centered spaces for collaborative learning
  • Ensure best practices in energy efficiency
  • Provide the best possible environment for students to grow and learn
  • Make Kent State Ashtabula even more of a “destination of choice” 

Additionally, for every 15 unique donors who give $25+ to this fund, we will also receive a $500 Bonus Participation Boost from the Kent State University Foundation!   

For more information, visit or Donate to the Ashtabula Transformation Fund.


Dr. Susan J. Stocker
Dean and Chief Administrative Officer 
Kent State University at Ashtabula


POSTED: Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 11:16am
UPDATED: Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 5:25pm
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