Shelley Marshall

Shelley Marshall

Information Technology
Associate Lecturer
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Outside the Classroom

I love working with youth groups and volunteering at the Adult Special Person's Camp at Camp Koinonia.

Areas of Research/Study/Academic Interest

 Security, Networking, Forensics, Health Information Technology, Computer and Network Hardware, Ethical Hacking, IoT, Cybersecurity, Security Policy and Incident Response, Disaster Recovery, Data Analysis

Teaching Areas/Courses

  •    IT/COMT 11002 Visual Basic Programming 
  •    IT/COMT 11005 Intro to OS and Networking 
  •    IT/COMT 11006 Intro to Website Development 
  •    IT/COMT 11009 Computer Assembly and Configuration 
  •    IT/COMT 21002 Network Setup and Configuration 
  •    IT/COMT 21100 LAN Troubleshooting 
  •    IT/COMT 21110 Internetworking I 
  •    IT/COMT 21200 Ethical Hacking 
  •    IT/COMT 21095 (Special topics courses that I developed and taught) 
  •    IT/COMT 21095 Windows 7 Intro 
  •    IT/COMT 21095 Windows 8 Intro 
  •    IT/COMT 21095 Intro to Windows 10 
  •    IT/COMT 36095 (Special topics courses that I developed and taught) 
  •    IT/COMT 36095 Windows 7 Advanced 
  •    IT/COMT 36095 Windows 8 Advanced 
  •    IT/COMT 36095 Windows 10 in the Enterprise 
  •    IT/COMT 36095 Mobile Devise and Social Media Forensics 
  •    IT/COMT 36312 Health Information Technology Support 
  •    IT/COMT 36300 LAN Security Fundamentals 
  •    IT/COMT 36320 Network Forensics 
  •    IT/COMT 36331 Internetworking II 
  •    IT/COMT 41010 Mobile Applications for Information Technology 
  •    IT/COMT 43000 Health Information Systems 
  •    IT/COMT 46300 Advanced Computer Assembly and Configuration 
  •    IT/COMT 46310 Tech of Operating Systems 
  •    IT/COMT 46311 Tech of Networking 
  •    IT/COMT 46313 Virtual Machine Configuration & Administration 
  •    IT/COMT 46314 Advanced Server Configuration 
  •    IT/COMT 46331 LAN Security and Firewalls 
  •    IT/COMT 46340 Data Design and Implementation 
  •    DSCI 41610 Digital Systems Security 
  •    TECH 56330 VB Programming for Engineering 
  •    TECH 64312 Advanced Wireless Technologies 

Honors and Awards

Undeniably Accessible Faculty Award Kent State University (Apr 2018), Mothers Mentors and Muses Award Kent State University (Mar 2019).

Professional Affiliations

  •    Association of IT Professionals (AITP) Northeast Ohio Professional Chapter Member 2014-Current 
  •    Association of IT Professionals (AITP) Kent State Ashtabula Student Chapter, Advisor 2013-current 
  •    Kent State University Alumni Association 2014-Current 
  •    Trustee, Board of Trustees for Olin Covered Bridge Museum 2012-Current 
  •    Golden Key Honors Society 2009-Current 

Professional Experience

  • Lecturer, Kent State University at Ashtabula August 2013-Current 
    •   Develop and deliver course content and facilitate learning for courses in the Associate and Baccalaureate programs. 
    •   Select all instructional materials for my courses and adjunct in the networking and hardware courses. 
    •   Design courses in computer technology for the Bachelor in Technical and Applied Studies out of the Regional College and the Associate Degree in Applied Business for the Regional College using best       practices. 
    •   Supervise student interns in the teaching labs. 
    •   Setup and manage both teaching labs with my colleague and student interns. 
    •   Maintain our teaching network. 
    •   Establish office hours onsite and online to support students. 
    •   Provide one-on-one instruction for my students and others in the program, as needed. 
    •   Work with Regional College Computer Technology Faculty to develop new courses, evaluate and revamp existing curriculum, develop new programs and share best practices. 
    •   Work on Regional College Curriculum Committee to review and approve or decline proposed programmatic changes for all Regional College Programs. 
    •   Faculty Advisor for the Student Chapter of AITP and Cru.

University Service

  •    University Council on Technology, Chair 2014-Current 
    •      Established numerous sub-committees 
    •      Worked with IS to create a linkage to push grades from Blackboard to Banner 
    •      Worked with Kent State’s Web Team to provide forums and feedback on web redesign and improve search capability 
    •      Software licensing and repository 
    •      Scantron and testing alternatives 
    •      Clicker Technology (Which resulted in a recommendation to Provost and VP of IT Fall 2018) 
    •      Learning Management System Review (RFP/Review Team Member) 
  •  NTT Provost Advisory Council (NPAC) Member 2018-current 
  • Regional College Curriculum Committee, RC Applied Business Representative 2013-Current 
  • FlashFolio Super User for Ashtabula Campus 2014-Current 
    •      Attend several day long training to support faculty and administrators 
    •      Facilitated on-campus training for Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty 
    •      Facilitated on-campus training for TT Reviewers 
    •      Facilitated on-campus training for NTT Faculty 
    •      Recommended the addition of online asynchronous training options for faculty 
    •      Provide ongoing support and training as needed 
  •  Diversity and Inclusion Committee Member 2017-current 
  •  University Steward for Ashtabula Campus 2017-current 
  •  External Program Review Team COMT/BSIT Jan 2017 
  •  Ashtabula Campus Health Fair Committee Member Jan-March 2017 
  •  Program Development Team and Approval for our IT Degree and concentrations 2016-2018 
  •  Search Committee Member for Vice President IT and CIO 2017-2018 
  •  Search Committee Member Ashtabula Campus Advisor Jun 2016 
  •  Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Board Appointee 2015-2017 
  •  Nominated to serve on this Advisory Board 
  •  FlashFolio Administrative Team, Member 2014-2017 
    •     Create RFP, Review bids, meet vendors, refine contract specifications, select vendor 
  •  FlashFolio Leadership Team, Member 
    •     Weekly Meetings January 2014-2017 
    •     Develop implementation and training plan 
    •     Develop communication plan 
    •     Work with vendor to configure and rollout the new system 
    •     Participate in intensive training on the new system 
    •     Perform data validation for FolioWeb data (during break) 
    •     Work out transition issues for second year implementation and data entry by 3rd Party 
  •  RFP Committee for Online Tutorial Services for University Fall 2015-2016 
  •  Ashtabula County Broadband Taskforce 2015-Current 
  •  University Council on Technology, Regional College Representative 2013-2013 
    •     Recommended sub-committee to review software licensing 

Community Service 

  • Remote Area Medical Clinic, Provided IT Support and Cabling Apr 2018 & 2019 
  • Youth Leadership Initiative, Ashtabula County 2017-Current 
  • Ashtabula County Broadband Taskforce, Member 2015-Current 
  • Trustee, Olin Museum of Covered Bridges 2012-Current 
  • Second Chance Youth Ministry, Leader 2011-Current 
  • IT Support, A.B.C. Child Care and Learning Center 1999-Current 
    •     Setup and support small business network 
    •     Setup and support desktop and laptop computers 
    •     Install and support Childcare 2000 ERP 
    •     Establish and support website 
    •     Train administration on use of Office Suite 
    •     Support classroom computers and recommend 
  • Trustee, Board of Trustees of A.B.C. Child Care and Learning Center 1997-2015 

Research Grants/Awards

  • Received $33,000 in equipment to our AITP program and Kent State University at Ashtabula’s teaching lab from Panther Technology, Fall 2017 
  • Awarded University Teaching Council for iPod, webcam and Bluetooth microphone to explore the use of these technologies with Collaborate in Blackboard. 
  • Received Demo unit of the Swivl robot for evaluation in Mobile Lecture Capture Activities. Later received funding from our campus to purchase three units for faculty, staff and student use. 


  • Kent State Ashtabula Wellness Fair “Physical and Psychological Impacts of Social Media” Apr 2019 
  • Fireside Chat “Me, Myself and IT” KSUA Nov 2018 
  • Fireside Chat “ Your Digital Footprint and its Impact on you Future” KSUA Apr 2018 
  • 5th and 9th Grader Campus Visits 2017-Current 
  • Social Media Presentation for Junior High Students Apr 2016 
  • Kent State University 2015 Online Learning Symposium Dec 2015 
  • “Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Instructor Presence and Student Engagement in the Online Classroom.” 
  • Kent State University 22nd Annual Conference Celebrating Teaching Oct 2015 
  • Poster Session: “Using Blackboard, iPod and Swivl to Enhance Teaching and Learning” 
  • 2015 Campus Technology Conference, Boston, MA Aug 2015 
  • “Quick, Easy and Mobile Lecture or Student Presentation Capture with Swivl.” 
  • Online learning Project Jul 2015 
  • Audio files for Kent State University Orientation to Online Learning Workshop 
  • KSUA STEM & Allied Health Careers, Area HS Counselor Breakfast Jan 2015 
  • Facilitated Quality Matters APPQMR Workshop (Two week sessions) for KSU and Consortium 3/20/2012, 11/07/2012, 06/04/2013, 10/15/2013,11/04/2013, 04/01/2014, 06/23/2015, 07/07/2015, 10/13/2015, 2/20/2018, 6/18/2018 
  • Kent State University, College of Nursing Faculty Retreat May 2014 
  • “Exploring Tools for Online Teaching and Learning” 
  • COMT Faculty Training 2000-Current 
  • OCDE Conference, Columbus, Ohio Mar 2005 
  • “Logistical, Technical, and Ethical Considerations of Education at a Distance: A Support Staff Prospective” 
  • Sajar Plastics, Middlefield Mar 2005 
  • Diversity and Affirmative Action Training 
  • ITC Network Dec 2004 
  • Free, Cheap, and Easy Tools to Support Classroom Instruction” 
  • ODCE Conference, Columbus, Ohio Mar 2004 
  • Free, Cheap, and Easy Online Tools to Support Online Instruction” 
  • Kent State University, Faculty and Professional Development Center May 2003 
  • Tools for Developing and Supporting Hybrid Courses for Active Student Learning” 
  • Kent State University, 5th Annual Moulton Hall Open House Apr 2003 
  • “Developing and Supporting Distance Education” 
  • October 2002, Kingsville Elementary School “Palm Pilot: From A-Z” 
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison, 17th Annual Conference on Distance Education and Learning Aug 2001 
  • Shelley Marshall, Mary Hricko and Shelley Urchek-Geist “Instructional Quality in Distance Education: A Support Staff Perspective.” 


Master of Technology, Kent State University (2009), Bachelor of Arts, 2002, Kent State University College of Arts and Science , Associate of Arts, 2001, Kent State University Geauga Campus