Aeronautics and Engineering Building Expansion

Philanthropic support is more than simply important; it is essential if we are to make this vision for our students - and greater community - a reality. 

The bottom line is simple: We need supporters who share our understanding of the facility's importance - and our vision for the College of Aeronautics and Engineering's dynamic future - to lean forward and say "yes" to a project that is important and transformative. 

We are growing - in both enrollment and square feet! Our 44,000 square foot expansion has many spaces that will be in need of a name - and nothing will sound better than yours! 

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    Bot Bunker 

    The Bot Bunker is CAE’s foundation of automation. Humanoid robots, AI systems, and autonomous mechatronic systems for medical applications are only a few of the key areas supported by this lab.

  • Dare Mighty Things


    The cyber.domain is a collection of three teaching and research laboratories all with an emphasis on the critically important area of cybersecurity engineering and computer engineering technology.

  • View of Maker Alley

    Maker Alley

    Maker Alley creates a dynamic learning environment with flexible and adaptable teaching and research lab spaces and will provide a truly unique and impactful set of facilities enabling students to understand the entire engineering design and manufacturing enterprise.

  • Rendering of the College of Aeronautics and Engineering Expansion

    The Runway

    The Runway is home to three laboratories that support hands-on, simulated training in all three areas of air traffic control: tower, terminal radar approach control and en route.  The simulation workstations can be used to create any combination of tower, terminal, and en route controller positions, and provide future air traffic controllers with the look and feel of an actual air traffic control facility.

Interested in learning more? 

Associate Director, Philanthropy, College of Aeronautics and EngineeringFor more information or to discuss any naming or philanthropic partnership opportunities, please contact Andrew Morrison, Associate Director of Philanthropy.


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