Information for Educators

Educators across the K-16 spectrum may get involved with Rising Scholars in a number of ways.

Find out how you can become involved!The Rising Scholars Program works with local school districts in Columbiana County, with our current focus on the following districts: Crestview, East Liverpool City, Leetonia Exempted Village, Lisbon Village Exempted, Salem, Southern Local, United Local, and Wellsville.

We hope to expand in the future to all districts in the county as well as neighboring Carrollton, Sebring, South Range, and West Branch districts.


Applications for new scholars will be available every year beginning in February. Please note that only rising seventh graders in Beaver Local, Columbiana Exempted Village Local Schools,  Crestview Local, East Liverpool City, East Palestine City, Leetonia Exempted Village, Lisbon Village Exempted, Salem City, Southern Local, United Local, and Wellsville Local school districts may apply.

How It Works

To get an idea of what a successful program like this can do, take a look at some of the following programs which have served as models for the Rising Scholars Program design.

There are lots of ways to get involved as we design the program and begin phasing it in from the middle outward.


If you’re a 6th grade educator, consider hosting us for a financial literacy program known as Junior Achievement. This program teaches students about career and goal setting, balancing budgets, credit/debit cards, and risk and insurance. Click here to learn more about the program.

So far, the Rising Scholars Program has been able to offer Junior Achievement programs to over 500 middle school students, resulting in over 115 hours of interactive, student-centered, financial literacy programming.

The Junior Achievement program consists of 6 lessons, each taking about 45 minutes. The program can be completed all in one day, or split up into a couple sections a week. Interested in bringing JA to your school? We’d love to come! Contact us

Sixth grade educators can also recommend their best and brightest students to participate in our program the following year, since we accept rising seventh graders. Admission requirements include strong academic performance, family income requirements, and the candidate’s potential to be the first generation of their family to attend college. Check with your school counselor for more information, or contact us.

If you’re any other kind of educator, whether you’re a school teacher, or a college professor, we can still use your help! If you teach elementary, middle or high school, we want your opinions on curriculum. Consider important gaps in knowledge that students might be missing (for instance, financial literacy). As a high school teacher, you can also provide us with the needs, questions, and concerns of your college bound students.

If you’re a college professor, consider helping us to address the needs, questions, and concerns of potential college bound students. Also, think about ways students could get exposure to new careers in your fields. Consider helping us design workshops, both throughout the school year and summer. Remember, we want to challenge and excite our scholars about your fields, so we need your help!

Have a great idea or want to share something with us? Contact Dr. Jessica Paull, Interim Director, by phone 330-337-4124 or by email (