Active Minds

Active Minds @ Kent State was founded in 2019 and is now part of over 500 different Active Minds chapters across the globe. The goals are to change the conversation about mental health, reduce stigma, and educate others about mental health and illness. Active Minds strive to hold  V.A.R. (Validate, Appreciate, and Refer), an Active Mind's mental health awareness training, each semester and to engage with students through various guest speakers, activities, etc. 

Hear to Help

Hear to Help identifies faculty, staff and students who have completed one or more of the mental health awareness trainings offered through the More Aware project (formerly Project Aware Kent). 

Student Mental Health Coalition

The Student Mental Health Coalition is designed for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in promoting mental health across campus while reducing mental illness stigma. If your existing student group would like to get involved in the coalition or if you want to learn how to become an Independent Member, please provide your information. The coalition is located on the third floor of Lowry Hall in Suite 331.

U Goods

U Goods are events that raise awareness of mental health and substance use at Kent State University. The objective of U Goods is to engage, educate, and encourage Kent State students to adopt healthful skills and behaviors that improve mental wellness. This mental health programming is funded through the Garrett Lee Smith Campus Suicide Prevention Grant (GLS), which was awarded to the Division of Mental Health and Substance Use (DMHSU) for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. 

Talk On 

Talk On is an initiative to stop mental illness stigma by having KSU students, faculty, and staff share their personal experiences (through story, song lyrics, poetry, drawings, and/or photos) with mental illness. There are many reasons to share personal experiences with mental illness (to show others they are not alone, to encourage others to seek help, to show that recovery is possible, to give yourself a way to express your feelings, etc.).

Create Awareness

In the spring of 2019, an art exhibit featuring art created from Talk On submissions will be displayed at the Kent State Library by the Student Accessibility Services office.