M.Ed. Mathematics Education

The Master of Education degree is offered through Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Mathematics Education.

The program requires a minimum of 30 graduate credit hours to complete. The M.Ed. provides a series of opportunities to improve one’s understanding of research and theory on mathematics education as it applies to the teaching and learning of mathematics.

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A listing of mathematics education courses for the Curriculum & Instruction M.Ed. program is provided below. For up-to-date information on current course offerings, please consult your advisor.

Mathematics Education Courses

CI 67225/77225: Research in Mathematics Education

Current research theory, methodology and results in mathematics education will be investigated. Implications for instructional practice and curriculum design will be examined [3 Credit Hours].

CI 67791/77791: Seminar in Mathematics Education

An in-depth exploration of the theoretical frameworks and methodologies used in current research in mathematics education will be conducted [3 Credit Hours].

Electives – 1 of following required:

CI 67226: Improving Math Instruction in Middle Childhood

Instructional psychology and materials including technology for the effective teaching of mathematics in grade three through eight with a theoretical emphasis on cognitive development [3 Credit Hours].

ADED 52267: Improving Mathematics Instruction for ADED

Methodology and materials for effective teaching of secondary school mathematics [3 Credit Hours].

CI 67224/77224: Teaching Mathematics Using Computers and Calculators

The purpose is to develop knowledge of research and theories regarding teaching and learning mathematics via computing devices. Further to develop proficiency in the use of computing devices and software that would be used in the teaching and learning of mathematics [3 Credit Hours].

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