Ph.D. Mathematics Education

Kent State offers a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Mathematics Education. The Mathematics Education doctoral program is a research intensive program that prepares students for research and teaching as applied to various educational contexts.

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Below is a listing of required mathematics education courses. This listing is only one portion of the requirements necessary to earn a doctoral degree in Curriculum & Instruction: Mathematics Education. For a general listing of course requirements, please download the C&I Ph.D.: Mathematics prospectus (PDF). For up-to-date information on current course offerings, please consult your advisor.

Mathematics Education Courses (Required):

  • CI 67225/77225: Research in Mathematics Education [3 credit hours]

Current research theory, methodology and results in mathematics education will be investigated. Implications for instructional practice and curriculum design will be examined.

  • CI 87791: Doctoral Seminar in Mathematics Education [1-3 credit hours per semester]

The doctoral seminar is designed to socialize doctoral students into the profession of mathematics education in varying contexts. Emphasis is placed on preparing graduate students in the culture of mathematics education research, teacher education, and service to the profession [1 Credit Hour per semester].

Mathematics Education Courses (Electives – 6 credit hours required):

  • CI 67224/77224: Teaching Mathematics Using Computers and Calculators [3 credit hours]

The purpose is to develop knowledge of research and theories regarding teaching and learning mathematics via computing devices. Further to develop proficiency in the use of computing devices and software that would be used in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

  • CI 67226/77226: Improving Mathematics Instruction in Middle Childhood [3 credit hours]

Instructional psychology and materials including technology for the effective teaching of mathematics in grade three through eight with a theoretical emphasis on cognitive development.

  • CI 67095/77095 Special Topics in Mathematics Education [3 credit hours]

Various courses with this designation will be offered focusing on specific topics in mathematics education. Such courses may not be regularly offered, whereas others listed here are offered on an ongoing basis. 

Mathematics Courses

Those enrolled and accepted into the mathematics education doctoral program are expected to have a strong background in mathematics. Depending on a student's professional focus and course background, they may be advised to include courses from the mathematics department in their plan of study. 


To Apply

Please contact Dr. Joanne Caniglia ( if you are interested in applying to this program .

Apply using Kent State's online application to the Ph.D. program.

A complete application will include the following:

  • Cover Letter
  • Official Transcripts
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • GRE Score
  • Writing Sample: A 500-word essay which provides a personal rationale for pursuing a doctoral degree in Curriculum & Instruction (concentration in Mathematics Education) from Kent State University.
  • Interview: Interviews may be conducted in person or virtually.



Those interested in full-time doctoral study are eligible for graduate assistantships. If you are planning to apply, please contact Dr. Joanne Caniglia prior to applying for an assistantship. Full consideration for completed online applications for a graduate assistantship is given to those accepted into the program by March 31 for the following fall semester.

Most full-time assistantships provide tuition reimbursement and stipend. For additional information regarding graduate assistantships, please review information provided by Graduate Studies.