Academic Coaching

Our office's Academic Coaching resource provides personalized individual meetings to help improve personal accountability utilizing study skills, personal well-being, time management, and goal setting. 

Coaches can be a peer (graduate student) or full-time advisor/faculty member depending on the students’ preference and availability of coaches. This coaching experience is as intrusive as the student wants.  For example, some students utilizing coaching want to meet and those meetings can be weekly while others prefer bi-weekly, or monthly.  Since everything is tailored to each students’ need, the coaching process is not a one size fits all, but rather, developed for that particular student.

To schedule an Academic Coaching Session, please email

I am incredibly grateful for my academic coaching with Deb because with her help, encouragement, and understanding I was able to reach my potential as a student and perform in class to the best of my ability. My confidence as a student improved as I was able to achieve academic feats I was otherwise convinced I never could. I look forward to continuing to work with her and further my academic success.
- Emily Radebaugh, Current EHHS Student