Student Teaching

What is Student Teaching?

Student teaching is considered the culminating experience in the student's teacher education program.  Student teachers are provided opportunities to observe  teachers, to apply educational theory, to demonstrate their disposition for teaching, and to practice the knowledge and skills deemed essential for effective, professional practice within a supportive learning environment for all children.
It is a partnership between our mentor teachers, our student teachers, and our supervisors.

Out-of-State Student Teaching 

  • Application for Out-of-State Student Teaching
  • For all teacher education majors except Deaf Education and Educational Interpreting, there is a $130 placement fee (payable to KSU)
  • At one of the following three locations:
    • Collier/Lee Counties Florida
    • Paradise Valley, Arizona
    • Clear Creek ISD, Texas

Student Teaching at an Out-of-State School for Deaf Ed and ASEI Student Interpreters

  • Deaf Ed Application for Out of State
  • For ASL/ English Interpreting Students going to an out of state placement, please use the Application for ASL/English Interpreting out of state
  • Students should complete the out of state application above after meeting with your program adviser to determine if  the program will allow you to attend an out of state placement. 
  • For Deaf Education and Education Interpreting candidates who are assigned to an Out-of-State placement by the university, there are NO STUDENT FEES.  However, students who willfully elect to be placed out-of-state in lieu of being placed at an available partnering district within Ohio, a fee of $130 will be required (payable to KSU), along with completion of all necessary documents.

Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching  (C.O.S.T.)