Mentor Teacher

What is the role of a Mentor Teacher?

The role of the mentor teacher is complex.  It involves mentoring and at the same time evaluating teaching practice and professional dispositions.  It involves helping to socialize the student teacher to establish norms of the classroom and school, sharing the wisdom of experience, and yet at the same time, respecting and encouraging innovations.  

Kent State University is grateful to the mentor teachers who collaborate with us in implementing an important final step as our student teachers prepare to begin their teaching careers.

Mentor Teacher Expectation (pdf) 

Mentor Teacher Guideline 

Student Teaching Schedule Fall 2023 (pdf)

Student Teaching Schedule Spring 2024 (pdf)


Program Specific Mentor Teacher Information 

Early Childhood Education ECED Block l
Middle Childhood Education MCED Mentors (pdf)
Art Ed 

Art Education Seven Week  (pdf)
Art Education Fourteen Week  (pdf)

Deaf Ed Deaf Education Mentors (pdf)
Adolescent and Adult Ed ADDED Fall Semester Mentors (pdf)
Health Ed Health Education Mentors (pdf)
MAT/SEED MAT SEED Mentors (pdf)
Music Ed MUED Mentors (pdf)
Physical Education and Health & Physical Ed PE and HPE Mentors (pdf)
Special Education  SPED Program Mentors (pdf)