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EHHS Students Abroad

"I actually learned a lot about Irish history and culture which made me think about my own culture and experiences and what I would do in the future to be more open to new cultures and experiences to help me better understand the world around me as I grow as a professional" -Abigayle Horton, Speech Pathology and Audiology 

"The things I’ve seen and the places I went during my time in Europe brought a whole new perspective into my life. While abroad, I not only learned about a variety of different cultures, but this opportunity also provided me with a new outlook on my major as well. This experience, most importantly taught me things about myself while abroad in foreign countries. I can honestly say, I would recommend this program to anyone that is interested, it truly is a life-changing experience!" -Adina Motoc, Hospitality Management

"For future students looking to study abroad, I suggest that it isn't about where you go, but about who you meet along the journey.  For me, my journey started with two friends from the UK that I met through my university accommodations and it ended with us leaving on the same day to go back to our hometowns of Cleveland, OH and London respectively.  It came full circle and I learned just as much outside the classroom through my daily activities and interactions with my peers as I did in class.  I suggest for people thinking about going, don't think about it, do it!" -Jonathan Covell, Exercise Science

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