University Supervisor

The University is grateful to have a dedicated team of University Supervisors who play a pivotal role in supporting the final step of our student teacher candidates as they prepare to begin their teaching careers.

The primary responsibility of the University Supervisor is to serve as a facilitator within the student teaching triad, acting as a crucial liaison between the school and the University. This role is essential to ensure the quality and integrity of the teacher education program. Additionally, the University Supervisor functions as a dedicated advocate for the teaching profession. 

Supervisor Role (pdf)

Student Teacher Handbook (pdf)

Student Teaching Schedule Spring 2024 (pdf)


Accessing Assessments through the Faculty and Staff Portal 

University Supervisors will access and complete the Disposition Assessment and the Student Teaching Midterm and Summative Evaluations through the Faculty and Staff Portal using their KSU credentials.

Important Dates for Supervisors 



January 16

Student Teaching Begins 


January 22 

ECED Blk I Field Begins


January 24 

ECED Blk IV Field Begins


March 1-8

Disposition Completion


March 1-8 

Midterm Completion 


March 22 

K-Step Due 


March 25-31 

Kent State Spring Break   

*Student teachers will follow their placement's scheduled Spring Break 

April 12 

Final Day of 12 Week Student Teaching 


April 19 

Final Day of 13 Week placement


April 26 

Final Day of 14 Week Student Teaching


April 26-May 3 

Final Evaluation Completion 


May 3 

Final Day of 15 Week Student Teaching


May 4 

Remembrance Day


May 10 

Final Day of 16 Week Student Teaching 



May 9-12



Spring Commencements


If you are interested in becoming a University Supervisor, please contact Renee Brown in the Clinical Expereinces Office.

Renee Brown
Assistant Director of Clinical Experiences