Educator Licensure Programs

The College of Education, Health and Human Services offers numerous accredited programs that prepare students for licensure in teaching, administration, and pupil services. We offer licensure program at both the graduate and undergraduate level as well as a variety of endorsements.

Professional Licensure Disclosure

These programs are designed to prepare students to sit for applicable licensure or certification in Ohio. If you plan to pursue licensure or certification in a state other than Ohio, please review state educational requirements for licensure or certification and contact information for state licensing boards at Kent State's website for professional licensure disclosure.

Graduate-Level Programs

Early Childhood Education (Pre-K-Grade 3)

Early Childhood Master of Arts in Teaching – full-time, accelerated initial licensure program (18 months/5 semesters). Offered every other year (odd years) beginning in June.

Middle Childhood Education (Grades 4-9)

Master of Education-Curriculum & Instruction (MCED)-initial licensure program for Grades 4-9. Must first specialize in two subject areas at the undergraduate level prior to admission to graduate program.

Adolescent/Young Adult Education (Grades 7-12)/Multi-Age (Pre-K-12)

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) offers a full-time, accelerated initial licensure format (one year/3 semesters) and a part-time (two year/6 semester) format. Offered every year beginning in June. Must first specialize in one content/subject area at the undergraduate level prior to admission to graduate program.      

Concentrations available in:
  • Art Education (Visual Arts) (pre-K-12)
  • Music Education (pre-K-12)
  • Chemistry/Physics (Physical Science) (7-12)
  • Earth Science (7-12)
  • English/Language Arts (Integrated Language Arts) (7-12)
  • Foreign Language (French, German, Latin, Spanish) (pre-K-12)
  • Integrated Mathematics (7-12)
  • Integrated Science (7-12)
  • Integrated Social Studies (7-12)
  • Life Science (7-12)
  • Life Science/Chemistry (7-12)
  • School Health Education (pre-K-12)

Intervention Specialist/Special Education

Special Education Non-Degree Graduate Licensure Preparation - Initial licensure program for the Intervention Specialist license. 

Concentrations available in:
  • Deaf Education (pre-K-age 21)
  • Early Childhood Special Education (pre-K-grade 3)
  • Mild to Moderate Educational Needs (K-12)
  • Moderate to Intensive Educational Needs (K-12)

Physical Education (pre-K-12)

Curriculum & Instruction with concentration in Physical Education

Career-Technical (4-12)

Library/Media (pre-K-12)

Teaching English as a Second Language (pre-K-12)


Undergraduate-Level Programs

Early Childhood Education (pre-K-3)

Middle Childhood Education (4-9)

Adolescent & Young Adult Education (7-12)

  • Earth Science
  • Integrated Language Arts 
  • Integrated Mathematics 
  • Integrated Science 
  • Integrated Social Studies 
  • Life Science 
  • Life Science/Chemistry
  • Physical Science (Chemistry/Physics)

Physical Education (pre-K-12)

Health and Physical Education (pre-K-12)

School Health Education (pre-K-12)

Special Education

  • Deaf Education (pre-K-12)
  • Mild/Moderate (K-12)
  • Moderate/Intensive (K-12)

Students seeking licensure in Foreign Language, Teaching English as a Second Language or American Sign Language will complete the major through the College of Arts and Sciences with a minor in Education.

Foreign Language (French, German, Latin, and Spanish) (pre-K-12)

Teaching English as a Second Language (pre-K-12)

American Sign Language with Education minor (pre-K-12)

Students seeking licensure in Art Education or Music Education will complete the major through the College of the Arts.

Art Education (pre-K-12)

Music Education (pre-K-12)