Clinical Experience/Student Teaching FAQs

How do I know if I am eligible for Student Teaching?

According to KSU policy, to be eligible to student teach, all coursework, GPA, dispositional standards, and other criteria as specified by program area and college need to be met prior to the first day of the student teaching semester.

Can I Student Teach in the school district I attended? 

Candidates cannot request to do student teaching at the same educational site where you may be employed during regular school hours, where they have relatives employed or attending, or in the same school district from which they graduated. 

Where should I have my background check results sent?

Students are asked to have the background check results mailed to themselves directly.

Where do I apply for Student Teaching?

Students will apply through the Student Portal during the designated window.  If you miss the deadline, please contact your advisor in the Vacca Office.

When will I know where I am Student Teaching?

When your placement is confirmed, you will be notified through your KSU email.

Will I need transportation?

Our primary responsibility is to arrange an appropriate student teaching placement in your licensure area. With the exception of the schools on the KSU bus route, all other schools will require that you have reliable transportation.

What is the role of the Student Teacher?

A student teacher will learn to manage a classroom along with daily procedures, lesson plans, and student behavior. The first week of being a student teacher involves interactive observations. That may include working with individual students, or even assisting the teacher with lessons. In the following weeks, student teachers gradually assume all of the responsibilities of running a classroom. This includes creating lesson plans, providing instruction to students, assessing student learning, and is responsible for maintaining an organized, safe classroom environment.

What should I do if I cannot teach during the semester I applied for?

If, for some reason, you find it necessary to cancel student teaching, you must notify Sherry Cundra in the Clinical Experience Office 330-672-0535 so that the school and teacher(s) can be informed in a timely manner.