Spring 2021

Spring Orientation Meetings -- Students in the following program areas:

MCED, SPED, HPE, PEP, Music Ed, Art Ed, SLP, Deaf Ed, ASL/English Interp, TESL, MCLS, SHED

If you are planning to participate in “Student Teaching” during the Spring 2022 semester, you will need to follow specific instructions for completing your online ‘application’ in the student portal during your designated ‘application window’, which is scheduled for MARCH 29TH  --- APRIL 24TH, 2021.

**IF you have questions on the application process for student teaching, background checks, or the required trainings for Child Safety, A.L.I.C.E., or CPR, contact your Faculty Instructor or the Director of Clinical Experience, Mike Englert, in the Vacca Office of Student Services at**


(Note: We will be meeting with our ECDE students in designated classes during this Spring 2021 term. We will also be meeting with ADED students in designated classes during the Fall 2021 to go over program timelines and procedures).