EHHS Faculty-Led Programs

There are a wide variety of faculty-led programs arranged by faculty from the College of Education, Health & Human Services available to students. Faculty-led programs are typically short in length and either take place over winter break, summer intersession, or a short period during the summer semester.

Currently, the following faculty-led programs are available:

  • A Global Understanding of Autism (SPA 44096/54096; SPA 45000) in Brazil
  • Casino Management & Trade Show Operations (HM 37777) in Las Vegas, NV
  • Human Development and Family Studies Study Abroad Experience (HDFS 42092/52092) in Ireland
  • Educational Psychology & Relational Learning (EPSY 29525/49525; EPSY 69065) in Italy
  • Design and Delivery of Study Abroad While Studying Abroad (HIED 66595/76595) in Italy (graduate level only)
  • Global Deaf Awareness (SPED 40093/50093) in Jamaica
  • Environmental and Systems Nutrition (NUTR 41095/51095) in Uganda

To view more information on faculty-led programs available through EHHS, click the link below.

Faculty-Led Programs