Student Success Course

Need help getting your GPA back on track? Have you lost confidence in yourself as a student? Want to take a fun class that will also help you succeed? The College of Education, Health and Human Services offers a 12-week, 1-credit course 'Achieving Academic Success,' that is interactive and educational for your academic and personal successes at Kent State and beyond! 

This class includes no tests, but rather has a lot of planning and reflective types of activities/papers included. One aim is to focus on building a community of students with similar struggles since struggling students may tend to feel more isolated, when in reality, there are many sharing their same experience. Themes throughout class include time management, motivation, mental health, and topics related to academic success (studying, note taking, etc.).

For more information about this course and how to enroll, contact your Academic Advisor via email.

Student Feedback

"For students having a difficult time succeeding in academics, who are coming out of a hard semester, or you need another elective, this is the class for you! The professor is great and she not only wants to see you succeed, but is willing to help you reach your goals. You also gain an academic coach who is there to walk with you throughout the semester where you talk about your semester goals, ask questions, and you can vent to them about how your classes are going.  This class is a judgment free zone and is unlike any class I have taken throughout my time at KSU.  Coming out of this class, I now have a better support system then I dreamed of, and am doing the best I have in college thus far. This class also helps your GPA so I highly recommend taking it if you have the chance!"

"Rachel is a great professor to have and her class was a wonderful experience. Overall, It was such a happy-go-lucky environment that allowed a group of students to really connect with each other. I took her class for fun and it allowed me to feel honest about what I have gone through and set a positive example for other students. I enjoyed knowing I had a support group. I was grateful to know I truly was doing so much better than my low self-esteem and anxiety had me convinced."