What do I do about changes in my student teaching plans?

Teacher candidates need to inform the Vacca Office of Student Services, 304 White Hall, of any changes in their student teaching plans (e.g., delaying for a semester).

Applications are submitted for a particular semester only. It is particularly important that we maintain good relations and communication with the professionals in our cooperating schools. We can only maintain positive relationships if we are kept informed of your status. If you must delay your student teaching, our office will advise you as to whether or not new paperwork must be resubmitted.

Also, teacher candidates must notify VOSS (330-672-2870) of any change of name, address, email address, and/or phone numbers. We can only use your  kent.edu for official communication. This information is critical since important notices concerning your placement may be delayed or lost due to inaccurate information. It is also important for the cooperating school district, teacher and supervisor who may be trying to contact you to have accurate contact information.