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Academic AdvisingWelcome to the Department of English at Kent State University!

The most effective advising is a collaborative effort: we need to work together to ensure that you pursue the best course of study and seek out all of the opportunities that KSU offers. Working with GPS, your College of Arts and Sciences Advisor (for Regional Campuses, see below), and your Department of English Advisor, you will reach your academic goals. Plan to meet with your Department Advisor regularly to make sure you are on track to complete major degree requirements. We also help you build other academic skills to meet your career goals, such as selecting appropriate coursework to build one or more minors. In English, we will help you navigate the GPS system to actively participate in meeting your personalized academic goals. As partners, we strongly urge you to meet with your College of Arts and Sciences Advisor (see information for Regional Campus students below). Your College Advisor will make sure that you are completing Kent Core and other requirements; your Department Advisor will assist you in meeting major requirements.

Please check out our Undergraduate page with valuable information on major and minor programs along with helpful hints. Students from all campuses are welcome to join English Club and Sigma Tau Delta activities and otherwise visit the English Undergraduate Center in 204 Satterfield Hall on the Kent Campus.

To make an appointment with your Kent Campus Advisors, call the Undergraduate Studies Secretary Tammy Frietchen at 330-672-1707. To meet with your Advisor on a regional campus, please use the contact information below for your campus.

Don't forget to go to your College of Arts and Sciences Advisor as well. We look forward to working together on your academic and career goals,


Dr. Kimberly Winebrenner
Assistant UG Coordinator
BA English Advisor


Dr. Robert Sturr
BA TESL Advisor

For Advising on other Kent State University Campuses, please contact local Coordinators and Advisors: