Placement in Writing Courses

Placement in Kent State University Writing Courses

Students at Kent State University are placed into one of the following courses based on ACT/SAT, Accuplacer, high school GPA, or GED scores:

  • Introduction to College Writing-Stretch (ENG 01001): ESL on Kent campus and Regional campuses only

  • College Writing (ENG 11011)

  • Research Writing (ENG 21011)

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These placements can be challenged if the student feels placement is inaccurate. Please refer to the Writing Placement Reassessment information page.

Please be advised, if you have a test score that qualifies you to test out of ENG 11011 or have transfer credits for ENG 11011, you must send an email to to check if a course override needs applied to your account so that you may register for classes without issues.


Additional Placement Information:

  1. Students recruited by the Honors College are enrolled in a yearlong Honors Colloquium (HONR 10197 or HONR 10297), almost always taught by English faculty. This is accepted as fulfilling the students' College Writing sequence.
  2. Students for whom English is a second language are enrolled in controlled sections of Introduction to College Writing-Stretch (ENG 01001), College Writing  (ENG 11011), and Research Writing (ENG 21011) based on the placement test and the recommendation of the ESL Program. (For more information, please email
  3. Students entering with College Board Advanced Placement credit, but who are not enrolled in the Honors College, are given credit for one College Writing and/or English literature course depending upon their scores.
  4. Students have the opportunity to challenge their placement by completing the writing placement reassessment. Students transferring from Ohio community colleges are given credit for courses according to Transfer Assurance Guidelines (TAGS).