Writing Internship Program

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Since 1996, The Writing Internship Program (WIP) has offered a writing-intensive experience to students, blending classroom writing experience with on-the-job skills training. As a cooperative between students, businesses/sites, and Kent State’s Department of English, the WIP has several interrelated goals:
  • expand students interests and experiences as a writer
  • develop an in-depth understanding of audience and purpose
  • learn about the functions and uses of discourse
  • gain valuable on-the-job skills and contacts, prior to graduation, and
  • enable students' to build their resume/professional credentials
Businesses/sites acquire energetic, smart, and able workers with fresh ideas. And, the department receives an opportunity to work with site supervisors on and off campus, often leading to procuring jobs for our student interns.
Given these facts, we would like to invite you to learn more about the Writing Internship Program by exploring the website or contacting our office for more information.
The Writing Internship Program (WIP) Three (3) credit-hour course satisfies the requirement for an upper-level writing intensive course. All majors who have taken at least one of the following prerequisite courses, or advisor recommendation, or a 3.0 GPA in their major/s may apply:
  • Writing in Business (ENG 30061)
  • Principles of Technical Writing (ENG 30062)
  • Professional Writing (ENG 30063)
  • Argumentative Prose Writing (ENG 30064)
  • Writing in the Public Sphere (ENG 30066)
  • Senior Seminar (ENG 49091)
What to expect as a writing intern?
  • You will spend approximately 10 hours per week at your internship site as a member of the writing staff.
  • You may work individually or as a team, depending on your site supervisor/s needs.
  • You will work closely with your site supervisor, who maintains contact with the WIP.
  • Your duties will vary but expect to be involved in writing in all stages of development, from research and organizing, to drafting and revising, to distribution.
How can I measure my success?
Experience has shown that those interns who generate ideas, show initiative, and seek additional responsibilities will profit more from their internships than students who wait to be told what to do. While a great deal of your work will eventually be substantive writing and editing, you may be asked to perform assignments you regard as routine or boring, especially at first. It is best to cheerfully accept these assignments. Evidence of an intern’s ability to handle routine tasks quickly and accurately is often necessary before the intern is given more assignments.
Where can I intern?
Internship sites may change from semester to semester, depending on the site’s needs and the potential intern’s interests and skill sets. Below is a list of some previous and current internship sites:
Kent Campus On-Site:
  • College of Business
  • Department of Modern and Classical Language Studies
  • Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • ESL Center - Department of English
  • Department of English
  • Honors College
  • Jewish Studies Program
  • Office of Global Education
  • Office of Experiential Education and Civic Engagement
  • Office of Undergraduate Studies and Research
  • School of Arts
  • School of Multidisciplinary Social Studies and Humanities
  • The Fashion School and Museum
  • University Library
  • University Marketing & Public Relations, Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Wick Poetry Center
  • WKSU
  • Women’s Center
  • Writing Commons
Off-site Internship Opportunities:
  • British American Chamber of Commerce
  • Family & Community Services
  • Geauga Campus - Listening Eye Magazine
What are our interns saying about the program?
Mary, currently a partner marketing specialist, [intern Spring 2020] writes:
The Writing Internship Program gave me to opportunity to dive deeper into writing, marketing, and communications at the Office of Global Education and fine-tune my skills in those areas. The program gave me a variety of great learning experiences and resume-building opportunities that helped me land a job that I love post-grad!
Leora, currently a content developer, writes:
I just wanted to reach out and thank you, for the amazing opportunity you gave me to be a part of the internship program last semester. It led to my being hired ... for their Training Department. I cannot thank you enough, and should you ever want me to, I would be more than happy to speak with students about the program and where it can take you---post-graduation!
Ashley, currently a marketing coordinator, writes:
The company I am working for is ... located in Ohio. I am working in the Marketing Department as their Marketing Coordinator, where I assist and support the department with various jobs from graphic design to digital marketing to administrative work, along with much more!
This job is perfect because it allows me to get experience with all branches of marketing instead of being stuck to just one, which absolutely excites me!
Again, thank you so much for your help and support! It was nice knowing that throughout my job search, I had support coming from Kent State University and the WIP Director!