Student Activities

The Undergraduate Studies Center in the Department of English is home to a number of student activities.

Student Activities include:
  • The English Club 
  • Book Club
  • Writer's Bloc
  • Sigma Tau Delta meetings
  • Special events designed by and for English Majors
Special events include speakers on:
  • Careers
  • Graduate studies
  • Creative writing

Contact us whether you are an English major or just thinking about it:

English Club 

The English club for English majors and minors is both a social and service organization. Meeting twice per month, this is where you can meet others with your interests, become part of an intellectual community, and reach out to help others through the organization's service activities.

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Writer's Bloc

This is a space by and for writers. Whether you're submitting pieces, workshopping other writers, or ranting about, well, writer's block, we're here for you.

Sigma Tau Delta

Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honorary Society, is a service organization for those English majors who demonstrate academic excellence, have an interest in literature and the English language, and want to foster literacy. We stand for sincerity, truth, and design. Kent State's Xi Mu Chapter provides leadership skills, scholarship opportunities, internships, and other career opportunities.

For more information please contact the Assistant UG Coordinator, Ed Dauterich or Administrative Assistant, Sheri McMahon