English Club

BookwormClub English is a social organization for English majors to meet other English majors.

Are you a book worm? Have a love of literature? Then Club English is the place for you. We are a social organization dedicated to helping our peers work their English majors. Along with developing their writing skills through workshops and poetry nights, Club focuses on bringing together students with a love of literature. Club English also provides a variety of new information regarding opportunities for jobs for English majors in the career field.

Not only is Club a social organization, but we are also a service organization. Last November we collected over 100 children’s and young adult lit books for Akron General Children’s Hospital. We intend to continue with this drive throughout fall semester and make it a standing tradition within our organization.     

This past year we have featured several key note speakers interested in talking with English majors including a representative from the Peace Corps and a representative from the Non-Profit Human Service Management Degree.                       


Every other Tuesday at 7:00 pm in 204 Satterfield Hall

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