Certificates & Endorsements in TEFL/TESL

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) are some of the fastest-growing educational fields in the world.

Kent State is one of few institutions in the nation offering a hands-on, comprehensive certificate program in TEFL/TESL.With the world’s growing need for individuals who speak English, the demand for people who can teach English as a foreign or second language has grown rapidly over the past few decades.

Our undergraduate programs:

Which Program Should I Choose?

Program Prior experience required? Preparation for state licensure? Practicum abroad? Degree granting? Foreign language proficiency required? Program requirements
B.A. in TESL No No Optional Yes Yes B.A. in TESL Requirements
B.A. TESL with Education Minor No Yes Optional Yes Yes B.A. TESL and Education Minor
Undergraduate TEFL Certificate No No Required No No Undergraduate TEFL Certificate
Endorsement (Undergraduate) Yes (concurrent enrollment in a teacher education program) Yes No No No Endorsement (Undergraduate)
M.A. in TESL   No (but recommended) No Optional Yes Yes M.A. in TESL  
M.A. in TESL for Teachers (P-12) No (but recommended) Yes No Yes Yes M.A. in TESL for Teachers (P-12)
Endorsement (Graduate)  Yes (licensure in another subject) Yes No No No Endorsement (Graduate) 
Graduate TEFL Certificate No No Optional No Yes Graduate TEFL Certificate