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Writing Portfolio

Writing Portfolio

The Writing Portfolio is a directed study taken with a part- or full-time faculty member of your choice. 

Students work with their directors to decide what goes into the portfolio and what kind of new and revision work should be done. Students must have a director before receiving permission to enroll in the course, and then should complete the Portfolio Requirements and Permission form. Portfolio Requirements and Permission form can be found in room 206 SFH.

Students also select a reader; either the director or the reader must be a member of the Department of English.

English 40099 is a two credit class. To be eligible to enroll, a student must have a minimum of Junior standing (60 hours of earned credit), a 3.00 G.P.A. in writing courses taken toward completion of the Minor, and approval from the Writing Program or Regional Campus Coordinator. Students normally take their portfolio credits during their senior year, but may enroll earlier.

For more information about the portfolio, visit the Writing Portfolio Guidelines.