Writing Placement Reassessment

Students who believe their current College Writing (ENG 01001 or 11011) placement is incorrect, may choose to have their writing reassessed using the following process:
Step 1: Register to complete (or retake) the WritePlacer essay at your home campus testing center: University Testing Services
Step 2: Schedule the free proctored reassessment by registering online.
Step 3: Visit your home campus testing center on your scheduled day and time to complete the WritePlacer essay.
Scores and Raters
After completing the reassessment, students will immediately receive one of the following scores/actions:
  • Regional campus students:
    • 1-3: ENG 01001 (immediate decision)
    • 4: Score will be evaluated in combination with Reading score to determine placement into ENG 01001 or ENG 11011
    • 5-6: ENG 11011 (immediate decision)
    • 7-8: Score evaluated by raters to determine ENG 11011 or ENG 21011*
  • Kent campus students:
    • 1-6: ENG 11011
    • 7-8: Score evaluated by raters to determine ENG 11011 or ENG 21011*
If, upon completing the reassessment, the student receives a score “Pending”, it means that the student scored at a threshold that necessitates an Accuplacer rater to score the report by hand.  A score should appear no later than the following morning. In cases such as this, the student will receive an email the following business day from the Testing Center (copying the English Department) notifying them of their score.


* For scores evaluated by Kent State raters, the student will receive an email from the Testing Center (copying the English Department) within three business days of completing the WritePlacer essay.  The score report will be attached notifying the student of the recommended placement and next steps in the rating process.


Steps for Essays to be Rated:
1. If a student scores a 4 (Kent Campus only), 7, or 8 (all campuses), the Testing Center will email the English Department Administrative Assistant with the student essay attached to the email. 
2. The English Department Administrative Assistant will send the essay to three faculty raters.
3. The first two raters who are available will rate and reply-all to the Administrative Assistant’s email. If they disagree, the third rater will assess and rate the essay to determine placement. All essays should be rated within five business days of receiving the essay.
4. The Administrative Assistant will contact the student about the student’s final placement. If the student’s course changes based on the placement score, the student should schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss the results.