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Keith S. Lloyd

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Keith Lloyd is Professor of English at Kent State University Stark. He has spoken worldwide on comparative rhetoric, the rhetoric of India, feminist argumentation, and argumentation theory, as well as their intersections. He has published in the journals Rhetoric Review, Rhetorica, Rhetoric Society Quarterly (RSQ), College English Association (CEA) Forum, Journal of Advanced Composition (JAC), Intertexts, Foreign Language and Literature Studies, and Advances in the History of Rhetoric, as well as chapters in edited collections.  He serves as a reviewer for Rhetorica, Rhetoric Review, The Quarterly Journal of Speech, Soundings, and the Howard Journal of Communication.

Selected publications are listed below. See attached vita for complete list.

His continuing interest is in developing fruitful models of rhetoric, writing, and communication based in global models and methods sensitive to and welcoming of gender and cultural diversity. Lately his work focuses on rhetorics of resistance and rhetorics of democratic deliberation. 


Dr. Lloyd is now editing the most comprehensive collection on Comparative Rhetorics to date, the Routledge Handbook on Comparative World Rhetorics, to be released in the spring of 2020. He is also co-authoring, with Donghong Liu of China Normal University, Wuhan, a handbook of rhetoric designed for Chinese undergraduate and graduate students.



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