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Susanna Fein is Professor of English and Coordinator of the A&S Minor in Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies (AMRS). She has served terms as English Department Chair, Undergraduate Studies Coordinator, and Chair of the Ph.D. Program in Literature. 

Professor Fein’s research focuses on the literatures, languages, and manuscripts of medieval England, ca. 1100-1500. She edits the quarterly academic journal The Chaucer Review ( and is the recipient of numerous grants from the NEH and elsewhere. Professor Fein serves on the advisory/editorial boards of Oxford Bibliographies in Medieval Studies, the Archive of Early Middle English, the Teaching Association of Medieval Studies (TEAMS), the TEAMS Middle English Texts Series, and The Journal of the Early Book Society. She has also served as a Trustee of the New Chaucer Society and held terms on the KSU Press Editorial Board and the KSU Foundation Board of Trustees. A 2001 KSU Retention Grant allowed the English Undergraduate Studies Center to be established.

Professor Fein frequently undertakes archival research in England on medieval manuscripts. What she discovers there renews her teaching of the works of Geoffrey Chaucer, the legends of King Arthur, and manuscript studies. She looks for students who enjoy literature, history, and languages and who are curious about human differences across time.

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Recent Articles and Chapters
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Reference Articles
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  • Chaucer Studies
  • Middle English Literature
  • Medieval English Manuscripts
  • Medieval Lyric
  • Archive of Early Middle English: Advisory Board
  • Early Book Society: Editorial Board, JEBS
  • Institute for Bibliography & Editing (Kent State University): Fellow
  • International Piers Plowman Society
  • John Gower Society
  • Medieval Academy of America
  • Medieval Association of the Midwest (MAM)
  • Medieval Song Network (University College London): Core Group Member
  • Middle English Texts Series, TEAMS (University of Rochester): Advisory Board
  • New Chaucer Society:
    • Trustee (2006-10);
    • Nomination Committee Chair (2009-10)
    • Committee on Teaching Chaucer in High School (2014-present)
  • Oxford Bibliographies in Medieval Studies: Editorial Board
  • Teaching Association for Medieval Studies (TEAMS): Editorial Board
Research Areas
  • Chaucer
  • Middle English Poetry
  • Medieval English Manuscripts and Culture
  • Textual Editing
  • Anglo-French Literature


A.B. University of Chicago, M.A. University of Virginia, Ph.D., M.A. Harvard


Chaucer, Medieval Literature, Medieval Manuscripts, Medieval English History, Arts and Humanities, Language or Literature, Medieval Language or Literature, European ancient, medieval and Renaissance culture, British medieval literature and history, British and French manuscripts, and study abroad initiatives in the UK


  • 2008 Department of English Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring Award Recipient,
  • 2010 Bloomfield Fellow in Medieval English Studies, Harvard University,
  • 2014 Visiting Professor of English, University of Notre Dame,
  • 2017 Outstanding Research and Scholarship Award
  • 2017 President's Faculty Excellence Award
  • Director of NEH Seminars for Secondary School Teachers, London, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014,
  • Director of NEH Seminar for College Teachers, Kent, Ohio 2016,

Research Institutes and Initiatives

Global Understanding Research Initiative