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Writing Programs

Students working in Wireless classroom in Satterfield HallThe Writing Program is designed to improve the teaching and learning of writing at Kent State University.

Our courses help students communicate effectively in specific writing situations and to specific audiences. To that end, our writing courses integrate reading, writing, and visual media to develop successful written and multimodal communication in academic and professional settings.

Many of our courses are offered in a networked classroom called the TWRC (Technology & Writing Research Classroom) and in the Wireless Writing Classrooms located in Satterfield Hall. Our facilities are equipped with new computers for producing college-level writing and research in a technology-rich classroom environment. In addition, other writing classes are taught in Moulton Hall or other computer classrooms across the university. We invite you to learn more about the Writing Programs. Explore our website or contact our office for information and advising.

WRITING PROGRAM OFFICE – 206 Satterfield Hall

Margaret Shaw, Writing Program Coordinator
Charlene Schauffler, Tier I Associate Writing Program Coordinator
Beverly Neiderman, Tier II Associate Writing Program Coordinator
Sara Cutting, Tier III Associate Writing Program Coordinator
English (Main Office) – 113 Satterfield Hall
Phone: 330-672-2676