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KSUM exhibition


Broadbent Gallery | American Tapestry Alliance

The American Tapestry Alliance is pleased to sponsor the 10th iteration of American Tapestry Biennial. Launched in 1996, this premiere, international exhibition highlights the best of international contemporary hand woven tapestry. From 118 artists who submitted 230 tapestries, juror Dr. Jessica Hemmings, Professor of Visual Culture and Head of the Faculty of Visual Culture at the National College of Art & Design, Dublin, selected 37 tapestries for the show. She says:


Stager and Blum Galleries | Sara Hume, Curator

Pleating is one of the most basic fabric treatments as it serves to create three-dimensional clothing out of two-dimensional cloth. Folds and draping occur naturally when cloth is wrapped around the body. As tailored clothing developed in the West, these folds were stitched down, creating pleats. Pleats can also be produced through heat treatment of fabric to form intentional, lasting creases. 

Box, inverted, kick, knife, sunburst, accordion, cartridge, tuck…