Consulting and External Employment

In general, faculty are permitted to engage in consulting and external employment. The following outlines the procedure and approval structure.

This policy statement is meant to provide guidelines and procedures for UL faculty concerning external employment or consulting activities of a professional nature. When a faculty member wishes to engage in consulting (with or without remuneration) or in other external employment, the faculty member must first meet with his/her supervisor. The purpose of this meeting will be twofold:

  • to review/discuss the impact of the consulting or external employment activity on staffing and workflow.
  • to apprise the supervisor of the nature of the activity, since the faculty member will be identified with the institution.

This twofold purpose is to ensure that the faculty member and supervisor/dean have the appropriate consultation and arrive at an understanding of what is acceptable in order to avoid any conflict or misunderstanding.

Following the meeting, the supervisor will confirm in writing to the faculty member the topics discussed and understandings reached during the meeting.