• When placing orders with Instruction Graphics or ILL/InfoExpress, please use the UL account (100210) so that the department may treat these charges as an IDC.
  • Once an estimate for charges for a project or request(s) are known, submit these charges to the Chair of the UL Professional Development and Standards Committee (PDSC). The Chair of the PDSC will maintain a spreadsheet to record these charges.
  • If final charges differ from the estimate, please submit these costs to the Chair of the PDSC, who will make final adjustments.
  • The spreadsheet shall be submitted to the Dean, University Libraries at the end of each fiscal year.
  • A report to the Faculty shall be made at the early fall faculty meeting regarding the previous fiscal yearOs charges.
  • Faculty shall be reminded via email each semester that this support is available to them.
  • Questions shall be directed to the Chair, PDSC.

Approved by CAC, 5/7/03
Editorial change to paragraph one made 10/18/07