Qualification, Election, and Term of Office for Representatives on College Advisory Committee

A. All representatives on CAC shall be members of the Faculty or NTT faculty. 

B. Nominations of candidates for Faculty representative positions on CAC and Secretary shall be presented by a nominating committee made up of those Faculty CAC members whose term is expiring. In making nominations, the nominating committee shall consider eligible members of the Faculty from the Kent campus and the Regional Campuses. The nominating committee shall follow the ratio of tenured/untenured Faculty to be elected to CAC as set by CAC in compliance with the requirements of these Bylaws (“Committees,” Section A). Nominations shall be circulated with the agenda prior to the Annual Meeting. The process for the election of an NTT faculty representative can be found in “Committees,” Section A below.

C. Elections and voting for Faculty and NTT faculty representatives and Secretary are to follow election guidelines found in the “Committees,” Section A below.

D. All elected representatives shall serve for two years, or until their successors are elected.  The terms of Faculty representatives begin at the close of the Annual Meeting at which they are elected.

E. In the event that a representative or Secretary is not able to serve, the CAC shall appoint an eligible member to complete the portion of the unexpired term up to the next Annual Meeting. A new representative or Secretary will then be nominated and voted on, according to the procedures as specified in these Bylaws. The person appointed shall serve only the remainder of the unexpired term. If the vacancy occurs within two months of the next election, the position will remain vacant for that period.