Geology is the science of exploration, discovery, and Earth stewardship. The geosciences address all issues relating to Earth Systems, including the solid Earth, oceans, and atmosphere. The Department of Geology is committed to a mission which integrates teaching, the advancement of knowledge, and public service.

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The Department of Geology offers a comprehensive course of study leading to B.A., B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees. Our degree programs allow for great flexibility and a personalized course of study.

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Advisors in Geology

Undergraduate Advisors

Dr. Chris Rowan
Dr. Carrie E. Schweitzer
Dr. David M. Singer
Dr. Neil A. Wells

Graduate Coordinator

Dr. Anne Jefferson

Field camp director

Dr. David Hacker

According to PayScale's massive compensation database and job growth projections through 2020 from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Geology is the 7th most valuable college major in terms of salary and career prospects.

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  • KSU Geology major Nick Manning recieved the 2019 John F. Hall Senior Award from the Northern Ohio Geological Society (NOGS). 

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    • Development of an expanded pigment spectral library for identification of phytoplankton by visible derivative spectroscopy
    • Stark Campus Acquisition of an Intuitive Multi-Touch Scanning Electron Microscope to Enhance Research as well as Undergraduate Student Research and Natural Science Courses
  • Geology 41092 (undergraduate) and 51092 (graduate) carry six semester hours of credit. This course is required for all B.S. candidates in the Department of Geology and for entering graduates students who have not completed a Field Camp requirement as part of their undergraduate study.

  • The Department of Geology welcomes guest speakers on Fridays in room 234 McGilvrey Hall, at 1:15 p.m. (unless otherwise noted).