Position control forms are due to the Strategic Hiring inbox, strategic_hiring@kent.edu, by noon on the Wednesday prior to the SHC meeting. This allows the SHC Prep Team to review forms and package them for the final Strategic Hiring Committee review. The Strategic hiring Committee typically meets twice a month.

  • All dates are subject to change due to SHC availability and university closures.

Submission of a position control form by the due date indicated does not guarantee that the committee will review the submission at the next meeting.  In order to be reviewed by the SHC, the submission must be complete and correct; all the fields of the form filled out and any necessary supporting documentation is included.  These attachments include, but are not limited to:  salary offer worksheet, organization chart, job description.  Funding source with index and account number must be clearly identified.

Much preparation is needed before submissions are given to the strategic hiring committee, so please submit your requests as soon as possible.  Your submission at or near the due date slows the preparation process and could hinder your submission going to the SHC meeting.

2022 Schedule

Month Form Due Dates
(@ 12pm)
SHC Meeting Dates
January 5, 19 11, 25
February  2, 16 8, 22
March 2, 16, 30* 7, 22
April 13, 27* 5, 19
May 11, 25 4, 16**
June 8, 22 2**,14, 28
July 6, 20 12, 26
August 3, 17, 31* 9, 23
September 14, 28* 6, 20
October 12, 26* 4, 18
November 9, 23 1, 15, 29
December 7 13


*Please take note of position control form due dates at the end of the month as they correspond with SHC meetings held at the beginning of the following month. 

** May 17, 2022 meeting moved to May 16, 2022; May 31, 2022 meeting moved to June 2, 2022