The brass professors at Kent provide students with private instruction by a specialist for each of the brass instruments.  This applied instruction is required in all of the undergraduate degree programs and in the graduate performance programs.

Applied Lessons and Studio Classes    

Brass students at Kent receive a private lesson each week with the professor of their instrument.  The content of these lessons is individually geared to the particular needs and goals of each student.  This applied instruction also includes a weekly “studio class” where the entire studio meets as a group.  The studio classes are used as an opportunity for the students to perform for each other, sometimes playing alone (etudes, orchestral excerpts, etc.), sometimes playing duets or other ensembles and sometimes solo works with piano accompaniment.  These group studio classes are also used to present material and topics of general relevance to brass performance, pedagogy and history.  All of the individual brass studio classes meet at the same time, so that they can be combined occasionally for guest artist/clinicians and also for chamber music performances such as brass quintets and like instrument ensembles.  Students have the opportunity several times each semester to perform solos with piano and in ensembles on the Ludwig Recital Hall stage during these studio classes. 

Jury Performances

Students perform a “jury” at the end of each semester for the entire brass faculty.  This jury serves as a culminating performance for the semester of study and the student receives comments and suggestions from the faculty.   


  • Music Education degree students perform a one-half Senior Recital in their last year of study. 
  • Performance Majors perform a Junior Recital and a Senior Recital.  
  • Other recital performances may be arranged with agreement from their applied professor.