Music Education Summer 2021 Courses

Professional development for music teachers and electives for current Kent State students of any major.

Questions? email Dr. Jay Dorfman, Music Education Coordinator


Orff Levels 1, 2, & 3 

Study the materials and techniques of the Orff Schulwerk method of music teaching. Students will learn from experts in singing, performing on instruments, and movement in this comprehensive approach to music instruction for children.

  • Dates: June 14-25 (no classes on the weekend)
  • Coordinator/Instructor: Dr. Butch Marshall
  • Guest Instructors: Manju Durauraj, Kristine Wolfe, Chelsea Thiel, Laura Webster
  • Registration: MUS 50295, Sections 1, 2, & 3

Music Learning Theory 

Focus on the Music Learning Theory created by Edwin Gordon. Students will learn about audiation and a sequential approach to developing musicianship.

  • Dates: June 28-July 9 (no classes on the weekend)
  • Instructor: Dr. Butch Marshall
  • Registration: MUS 50295 Section 4

Rock Band Performance & Pedagogy

Students will learn to perform in and teach rock ensembles and the associated instruments. Also featured will be lessons on composing, improvising, and organizing rock ensembles in schools.

  • Dates: July 10-16 (including weekend days)
  • Instructors: Dr. Jay Dorfman and Mr. Kevin Coyne
  • Registration: MUS 53264


  • Short, intensive and focused. 
  • In-person offerings.*
  • Housing and dining options available for those an inconvenient distance from Kent.*
  • Taught by some of the most sought-after educators in the field, including KSU faculty and guest instructors. 

Who are these courses for?

  • Current undergraduate and graduate Kent State students of any major. 
  • All current music teachers seeking to enhance their classroom practice.

Credit Information

  • 3 credit hours for current Kent State students (bachelor's, master's & doctoral).
  • Non-credit and CEU options available for teachers and community members. 


  • Online Master's students should speak to Jenna Sepúlveda, senior academic advisor, about registration.
  • All others, contact Dr. Dorfman at to register.


We continue to monitor the situation around Covid-19 with state and local health officials. Changes to this schedule and status of the these courses, including availability of housing and dining, is subject to change. Participants will be notfied of any and all changes as soon as possible. All participants will be required to adhere to University policies while on campus.