Helping Alumni Plan for the Future

POSTED: Dec. 07, 2020

Due to the pandemic and the uncertainty it has caused for all of education, many alumni have reached out to us to ask about graduate study or to talk about their career path. 

We’re here to support you in planning for your future. 

For those interested in exploring graduate study, we offer two programs: the 100% online Master of Music in Music Education and the residential Ph.D. in Music Education. Both offer flexibility for those who enroll to stay in their current positions. 

While we would enjoy welcoming you back to Kent State in either program, we also want to help our alumni find the best fit for their particular situation. For those who want to explore graduate school or take a deeper look at their career path, the College of the Arts has a dedicated career advisor named LuAnn Coldwell. LuAnn is available to work on resumes, cover letters, and mock interviews as well as just chat about planning your career path. Alumni can reach out to LuAnn at or by calling 330-672-8388. 

If you’re currently working on your graduate school application or considering starting one, Jenna Sepulveda, the academic advisor for our online master’s, provides some tips for successfully applying to our Master of Music in Music Education program. These tips are also applicable to many other programs. 

My name is Jenna Sepulveda (Bice) and I have the honor to serve as the Academic Advisor for the 100% online Master of Music in Music Education degree. As an advisor, I am part of the application process and help students complete their packets for review. An application is the first impression our faculty and administrators have of the prospective student. Below are a few recommendations to keep in mind while completing your application:

  1. Most importantly - be yourself!
  2. Letters of recommendation are always required. Letters should come from people who can speak to your skill as a teacher and to your potential as a graduate student. 
  3. Goal statements allow faculty reviewers to learn more about you! Share your aspirations, who you are, and how this program can help you achieve goals. This also serves as a writing sample. Please make sure you read it slowly and fix any errors.
  4. Resumes provide facts about your education and experience. Be sure to proofread.
  5. If something is confusing, contact an advisor or the admissions counselor. We are here to answer questions and provide guidance in this process.

Deciding on a program and university is challenging. Please know I’m here to help in any way I can! If you were to attend our Master of Music in Music Education program, I would be your advisor from the admissions process all the way through celebrating your graduation! Whether you have questions about our application or other institutions, please never hesitate to call me directly at 330-672-2418.
Flashes Forever,