Innovation, Convenience, Flexibility: The 100% Online Master of Music in Music Education at Kent State

POSTED: Dec. 07, 2020

By: Christopher Venesile, Ph.D.

Kent State established itself as a pioneer in online graduate music education with the creation of the 100% online Master of Music more than a decade ago. Today, it boasts over 680 graduates from all 50 states. 

Flexibility and innovation are built into the program. The curriculum continues to evolve as the needs of music educators change, offering flexibility in tailoring each student’s program by including new course options in general, choral and early childhood education, rock band, jazz and more. New courses are continually in development to meet the needs of 2st-century educators. Topics covered in class are immediately applicable to each student’s classroom.

In 2019, the program was recognized for Outstanding Student Support Services by We were honored to receive this distinction. A hallmark of our program is the concierge-level of service to current and prospective students receive provided by an in-house team of dedicated faculty and staff. Not only do we guide our students through the application process, but a dedicated academic advisor and assigned faculty advisor helps enrolled students navigate completing the degree. 

The program is currently listed in the top 20 programs in the country for online music education by

For graduates, the program has accelerated their careers by helping them be promoted within their current district or allowing them to move into new roles in districts. Many have also presented research developed in the program at local, state, and national music education conferences as well as enter doctoral music education programs after they graduate.

The faculty remain conscious and informed about the world at large, allowing for the development of courses and topics which offer culturally responsive pedagogy, a social justice orientation, a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, and utilizes the latest hardware and software technology.

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