Book Cover Artwork: Various instruments; Book title Action-Based Approaches in Popular Music Education

Music Education Coordinator Jay Dorfman Publishes Research and Contributes to New Book

POSTED: Sep. 08, 2021

Over the summer, Jay Dorfman’s, Ph.D., paper titled “Project Peer Assessment in a Preservice Music Technology Course” appeared in Contributions to Music Education, a peer-reviewed research journal of the Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA). The study was conducted with Kent State students in the Music Technology for Music Educators class. Each student was given the opportunity to provide feedback on creative projects produced by their classmates. Dorfman then compared their evaluations with his own to see how they lined up. Learn more about the publication and article on OMEA’s website.

Dorfman also contributed a chapter titled “Simplifying Parts for Beginners Learning to Play Popular Music” to a recently released book, Action-Based Approaches in Popular Music Education. The chapter outlines Dorfman’s approach to making music accessible and approachable for students with little experience while maintaining the integrity of the song. Upon its release on Aug. 2, 2021, it spent several days in the number one slot for Amazon’s Music Instruction & Study category. The book is edited by Steve Holley, Kat Reinhert and Zack Moir and was published by McLemore Ave Music. Check out the ebook version at