Kent State Youth Winds Ensemble Awarded The American Prize

The American Prize Award

The Glauser School of Music’s Kent State Youth Winds Ensemble has been awarded The American Prize in Band/Wind Ensemble Performance—high school division.

The American Prize National Nonprofit Competitions in the Performing Arts is the nation's most comprehensive award series in the performing arts. The contest has a unique scope and structure, designed to recognize the top performing artists, directors, ensembles and composers in the nation. Based on submitted recordings, the selected professional, college/university, community and high schools receive awards and international recognition.

The American Prize was founded in 2010 and annually awards many artists in the performing arts. Thousands of artists from all fifty states have benefited from participation in the competition, representing hundreds of communities and arts organizations across the nation.

"I was excited for the ensemble to be recognized for performances from our first season, including our Severance Hall performance of “Mother of Revolution!” Each season, the group has built on the first season and continues to develop excellence in musicianship. Every member can proudly say they are a part of our legacy," said Dr. Wendy Matthews.

The Kent State Youth Winds (KSYW) is a wind ensemble comprised of high school woodwind, brass and percussion from the Northeast Ohio region. Affiliated with Kent State University, students audition for their place in the ensemble. Through this experience, high school students have the opportunity to enrich and advance their musicianship in a supportive environment. The ensemble has two upcoming concerts for this season, March 16 and May 12, in Cartwright Hall on the Kent Campus. The ensemble is currently under the direction of Dr. Wendy K. Matthews, associate dean in the College of Arts, assistant conductors Ms. Jami Bolton, Mr. Jacob Gibson, Mr. Joseph Hamp, and assisted by Ms. Emilee Sanor, Ms. Julia Sterbenz, and Dr. Joni Stoll. 

POSTED: Wednesday, November 15, 2023 08:29 AM
Updated: Thursday, November 16, 2023 11:56 AM