Scholarship & Financial Aid

Undergraduate Information

Music majors are eligible for scholarships and other forms of financial assistance from a variety of sources. While several of these programs are administered directly by the School of Music, others are coordinated by the Kent State University Office of Student Financial Aid, The Admissions Office or by the Honors College. It is possible to receive combined assistance from more than one source. School of Music Continuing Scholarships and Orchestra Society Scholarships are determined as a result of an audition. 

School of Music Continuing Scholarships

  • Awarded for outstanding musicianship upon recommendation of the audition committee at the time of acceptance to the School of Music. One audition applies to both acceptance and scholarship application.
  • Scholarships range in a variety of amounts per academic year and may be available for up to four years (eight semesters) provided students meet academic and performance expectations for renewal.
  • Most of these scholarships are awarded soon after our March audition date.

KSU Orchestra Society Scholarships

  • Service scholarships awarded by the society in support of the activities of Kent State University Orchestra.
  • Awarded to exceptional candidates by the Orchestra Director.
  • Amount of awards vary according to talent and need and may be renewable.
  • May be awarded in addition to other School of Music Scholarships.
  • Continuation of scholarship is based upon artistic development and fulfillment of service responsibilities.

Marching Band Scholarships

  • A service scholarship made available by the Kent State University Marching Band.
  • Available to many undergraduate or graduate student regardless of academic major.
  • These scholarships may be granted in addition to other financial aid available to students.
  • Applications are available from the Kent State University Band office, please call 330-672-2515.

In addition, the Kent State University Office of Student Financial Aid, the Admissions Office and the Honors College offer substantial assistance.

Get Financial Assistance

For more information please contact the Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies:
H. Gerrey Noh | 330-672-2397

Graduate Information

The Hugh A. Glauser School of Music offers graduate assistantships in applied music performance, conducting, ethnomusicology, music education, string quartet and theory.  Students interested in a graduate assistantship must submit an assistantship application.

All graduate assistantships carry a tuition waiver for 8 credits per semester (covers minimum degree requirements) and a stipend.  Stipends are awarded for half-time or full-time nine-month contracts.

Graduate assistantship duties are assigned as appropriate for the student’s area of study and entail approximately 10 hours (half-time) or 20 hours (full-time) per week.

To be considered for a performance or conducting assistantship, the candidate must audition on-campus (preferred) or by CD/DVD. To be considered for a music education, theory-composition, or ethnomusicology assistantship, the candidate must arrange for an interview with faculty in their area of study. 

Application materials must be received and audition completed by April 1.  Appointments begin August of the academic year.

Complete the Assistantship Application

For more information please contact the Coordinator of Graduate Studies:
Ben Lorenzo or 330-672-2172