The woodwind professors at Kent State University are seasoned and dedicated artist-teachers who provide students with instruction on their major instruments. Each woodwind studio at Kent State University offers an exceptional opportunity for high level musical training (in collaboration with faculty) while in a supportive, collegial learning community of student peers.

Applied Lessons and Studio Class

All woodwind music majors and minors receive a weekly private lesson with the major professor on their instrument. The content of the lessons is chosen by the professor to fit the needs and goals of the particular student, and usually consists of solos, orchestral excerpts, etudes, scales and exercises.  In addition, students meet together once weekly in a studio class with that same professor. Studio class activities vary per the respective instrument but often include students’ performing for each other, listening to recordings, making reeds, and small or large group ensemble playing. In such studio activities students gain performance experience on other instruments within members of their instrument’s immediate family (bass clarinet, English horn, piccolo, baritone saxophone, contra-bassoon, etc.).

 Applied lesson study is required for all undergraduate music degrees, graduate performance degrees, and for the minor in music.