C. Owen Lovejoy, Ph.D.

Twenty-nine Kent State faculty members have been named to be in the top 2% of scientists in the world based on a recent study published by Stanford University scholars.

The report, published in the PLOS Biology Journal, evaluated more than six million scientists across 22 different fields and 176 sub-fields from 1996 until 2019. The top 2% list is made up of more than 100,000 most-cited scientists who have authored at least five scientific papers.

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Human origins are the ultimate mystery.

Questions & Answers

Why did you decide to pursue your field of research?

Human origins are the ultimate mystery.

What would you tell a student at the beginning of their academic career?

Pay attention.

Tell us a little about your research: 

I specialize in analysis of the postcranium with emphasis on the origin of upright walking.

What are you hoping to accomplish?

Further understanding of the earliest phases of human evolution--from the period of 6-10 million years ago.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Rely on the classic anatomists for accurate analysis of the postcranium.

Who is someone you admire, and why?

Tim D. White. He is an amalgam of intelligence, drive, motivation, accuracy, resistance to BS, and dedication to his profession of anyone I know.

What does it mean to you to be included in the top 2% in your field?

Need to try harder......

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