Media Relations

A key element in any marketing effort is news coverage. Our media relations professionals seek ways to generate coverage that will enhance the image of Kent State University. Depending on the story, we aim beyond the local to regional, national and international media, including print, broadcast and online.

We invite you to contact us with information about your research, special activities and events. While we can't promise coverage of every event, we will assess the newsworthiness of activities and, depending on the story and timing, may do one of the following:

  • "Pitch" the story to a reporter or producer.
  • Write and distribute a news release (which, again, we can't guarantee will be used).
  • Promote the story as part of a trend (something happening in higher education across the state, for example).
  • Post a calendar listing if it's an event that's open to the public.
  • Write a story for Kent State Today, the university's web-based daily news site.
  • Include it on the university's homepage.

Sometimes the interest in a story or event may be to a specialized or limited audience, even within an academic area. We're happy to work with you to determine the appropriate audience for your message, or the appropriate message for your audience.

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