Our publications experts produce top-quality, cost-effective traditional and digital publications that will enhance your department's or program's marketing efforts. We also maintain the university's visual and editorial standards.

Let us help you plan and produce a publication that will meet the needs of your target audience and showcase the university in the most favorable light. Our services include:

  • Publication and marketing and consultation
  • Copy editing and proofreading
  • Graphic design and layout
  • Printing and production and coordination
Getting Started

To initiate a publications project, a client should contact Jody Kovolyan at 330-672-7951 or

Clients may also contact their marketing strategy coordinator: Todd Snider at 330-672-8597 or; or Liz Henry at 330-672-8504 or A creative workplan is typically filled out at the start of work meeting with the client.

Project Timelines

We have four basic categories of projects. Below is the estimated timing for content development, design and printing (where required) for each type of project:

  1. Design-only, ads and non-printing jobs typically take 12 working days
  2. Postcards and quick-print jobs typically take 21 working days
  3. Full printing typically takes 25 working days
  4. Extended printing typically takes 29 working days