Former Students: Reenrollment or Reinstatement

Undergraduate Students

If you have taken classes at Kent State University in the past, you might not need to apply for admission. Below is information regarding the procedure for reenrollment and reinstatement.


If you are a former Kent State University student or graduate who has not attended another college or university since you were previously enrolled, you do not need to reapply.

The Application for undergraduate reenrollment is for use by students who have previously attended Kent State University as an undergraduate student and would like to return as an undergraduate student. Applicants who have been convicted of a criminal offense or have charges pending against them must also complete a Personal Explanation Statement.


If you wish to be reinstated at Kent State University after being academically dismissed, you do not need to reapply for admission. Rather, application for reinstatement after the required period of time away from the university should be submitted to the dean of the college or Regional Campus that houses the major program the student wishes to enter. (This is not necessarily the college from which the student was dismissed.)

Graduate Students


Kent State University graduate students who withdrew from or left the university in good standing will be required to re-apply for admission and pay the non-refundable application fee. Refer to the policy for Enrollment - Graduate in the University Catalog for more information.


A student who has been dismissed from a graduate program normally may not be reinstated for work in the student’s former program, or readmitted in any other program or coursework. However, after one year as a dismissed student, application for reinstatement or readmission may be made based upon evidence that former academic weaknesses have been appropriately addressed. If the pertinent department and the college dean agree that another opportunity should be provided, conditional admission will be granted.

See Academic Standing - Graduate Student policy